Predatory behavior by Nihonhimea japonica by means of knockdown 3D web.

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Shot Date: 2013/09/24
Shot Location: campus of Kobe University

Nihonhimea japonica

Key Words
3-D web
non vicid

Keizo Takasuka
2013/10/18 submitted

Animalia >Arthropoda >Arachnida >Araneae >Theridiidae >Nihonhimea >

Nihonhimea (formerly Parasteatoda) japonica (Theridiidae) constructs a characteristic web called °»knockdown 3D web°…, which consists of a non-viscid intricate 3D cobweb, a retreat made of a dead leaf at the centre and a dense non-viscid sheet web at the bottom as a capturing device. At the moment of a prey knocked down by the cobweb and trapped by the sheet, the spider immediately drops down from the retreat into underside of the sheet to bite and wrap the captured prey from underneath. Two other congeners, N. mundula and N. tesselata, build the same type of web.

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