Egg deposition in the dragonfly Sympetrum frequens

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Shot Date: 2005/09/29

Sympetrum frequens

Key Words
egg deposition
salt water

Fumio Ito
2005/10/04 submitted

Animalia >Arthropoda >Insecta >Odonata >Libellulidae >Sympetrum >

A dragonfly Sympetrum frequens was depositing eggs in a small tide pool (salt water) at a rocky beach of Enoshima. As the beach becomes submerged during hide tides and at the times of high waves, eggs are destined to be washed away into the ocean. Even if the embryos were to hatch successfully in the ocean, they are unlikely to survive in salt water.

This dragonfly is known to mistake any shinning surfaces, such as a bonnet of a car, for the water surface and to lay eggs on them. The dragonfly thus is expected to deposit eggs in a small pool, regardless of whether it contains fresh or salt water. (translated by Asoh)

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