A nestling of Japanese Marsh Warbler leaving and returning to its nest before fledging

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Shot Date: 2008/07/06
Shot Location: Hotokenuma wetland, Aomori, Japan

Locustella pryeri

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nest returning

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Masao Takahashi, Masayoshi Kamioki, Keisuke Ueda
2018/04/17 submitted

Animalia >Chordata >Aves >Passeriformes >Sylviidae >Locustella >

A colour-banded 11-days old nestling (ID: T38-2) of the Japanese Marsh Warbler went outside the nest and stayed on the nest for about 2 minutes, and left the video-recording range for about 22 minites and then returned to the inside of the nest. This video was recorded in Hotokenuma wetland, Aomori Prefecture, Japan, on 16th July 2008. The average nestling period is 12 days in this species.

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