Aggressive behaviours of Brachyrhaphis olomina

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Brachyrhaphis olomina

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Carlos A. Garita Alvarado
2017/08/21 submitted

Animalia >Chordata >Actinopterygii >Cyprinodontiformes >Poeciliidae >Brachyrhaphis >

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Despite the increasing interest in the use of intro- mittent male genitalia and coercive mating behaviour in poeciliids, detailed studies of the mating behaviour of most species in this family are lacking. We describe here the mating and aggressive behaviours of Brachyrhaphis olomina, and correlate them with the condition of the female”Ēs ovum and embryos (immature, mature and pregnant). B. olomina per- formed a wide range of aggressive (sidle spread, tail beating, coordinate) and mating behaviours (approximation, touch, lateral display, touch-lateral display). Some behaviours (e.g. tail beating) are shared with other poeciliids, but two sexual behaviours (touch and lateral display) and one aggressive (coordinate) behaviour may be unique to B. olomina and were not reported in a previous study. Differences in male beha- viour when paired with a female with mature ovum (more mating displays, no agonistic movements) suggest that males detect the female”Ēs reproductive condition from some dis- tance. The distinctive nature of mating behaviour in B. olomina highlights the importance of studying different spe- cies to have a better understanding of the evolution of mating and aggressive behaviours in poeciliids. Digital video images related to the article are available at, and momo170720bo03a.

Carlos A. Garita-Alvarado, Beatriz Naranjo-Elizondo, and Gilbert Barrantes.
Mating and aggressive behaviour of Brachyrhaphis olomina (Cyprinodontiformes: Poeciliidae). J. Ethol. 10.1007/s10164-017-0523-y

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