A group of 10 honey badgers in northern Botswana

(72.0MB, 00:00:46)
撮影場所:Wildlife Management Area NG33, Ngamiland, Botswana

Peter Apps

種類:Mellivora capensis
キーワード:honey badger ratel Mellivora capensis group social

動物界 >脊索動物門 >哺乳綱 >食肉目 >イタチ科 >Mellivora >

The leading honey badger that triggered the camera was followed by another one that passed the camera 6 s later, and then by four in a tight bunch after a further 4 s, and a single one 16 s behind the leader. No others appeared until the camera triggered again when a single badger ran past 40 s after the start of the first video, followed by another after 7 s and another after a further 8 s. Ten honey badgers passed the camera in 55 s, all going in the same direction.