Maternal care and defensive behaviour of Cassidinae in Brazil

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撮影場所:Brazil - Minas Gerais, Passa Quatro (FLONA)

Thiago Marinho Alvarenga

種類:Omaspides brunneosignata Boheman, 1854 & Emersonella pubipennis Hansson, 2002
キーワード:Neotropical Insects attack maternal care parasitoids

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Omaspides brunneosignata Boh. 1854 was found feeding on Ipomoea sp. (Convolvulaceae) in the Floresta Nacional de Passa Quatro (FLONA), Passa Quatro, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Their eggs are parasitized by Emersonella pubipennis Hansson 2002 (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) a foretic wasp that awaits on the elytra until the oviposition to start its attack. The eggs of O. brunneosignata are deposited in a grouped form with a single peduncle fixed in the main vein and abaxial position on the host plant leaf. The mobility of egg-laying by the female allows it to protect the eggs of possible natural enemies.