Foraging behavior of Gyrinidae in the south of Brazil

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Thiago Marinho Alvarenga; Marconi Souza Silva

種類:Enhydrus sulcatus (Wiedeman, 1821)
キーワード:Neotropical aquatic insect foraging behavior aggregation headstreams

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Enhydrus sulcatus is an aquatic Coleptera Gyrinidae, that lives on water surface of the tropical headstreams with preserved in surroundings forests. Until now his distribution is know to southest and south of Brazil. E. sulcatus is black and has fusiform body shape. Individuals possess a gregarious behavior and move on the surface of the water in search of small insects that might fall into the water. In this video is shown on the foraging behavior. The details about this specie see "Marinho-Alvarenga, T.; Silva, F.F.;Silva, M.S.2011. Analysis of morphometry and dimorphism in Enhydrus sulcatus (Wiedeman, 1821) (Coleoptera: Gyrinidae).Neotropical Biology and Conservation, v.6, n.3, p. 178."