Hooded crow possibly using a bark to peel a branch

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撮影場所:Villarbasse (TO) - Italy

Claudio Porcellana

種類:Corvus cornix
キーワード:Hooded crow tool use bark peeling

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this movie shows a Hooded crow using a bark to peel a branch

I made 2 hypotheses:
1 - the bird simply wanted to reshape the bark before bringing it back to the nest, but I think it is quite odd he spent so much time/effort ending up to destroy it
2 - the bird used the bark to peel the branch searching for insects (indeed, woodpeckers often pasture those dead tree)

The reason why I made these hypotheses is that I know other corvids make use of tools, for example New Caledonia crows, and corvid's tool use is particularly investigated at the Vienna University so I contacted Dr. Thomas Bugnyar
after viewing my video he said it was interesting and worthy of a brief report paper in an ornithological journal

may be I'll try to publish a paper but I think it is not an easy task, so for the moment I am satisfied to put the video here, hoping other experts give me some input